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LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core


3 days

In House Only

27 Oct 2016

This course describes, in detail, the architecture of the LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network which is an essential component of next generation mobile networks. The overall requirements of the LTE/SAE proposals are examined along with the relationship with the existing components within a mobile network, this is developed into a description of the key interfaces and the protocols deployed.

A detailed analysis of the LTE/SAE architectural functionality is provided along with a description of the architectural reference points and protocols including the SGW, PGW, PCRF and interfaces, S1, S5, S6, S11 as well as a detailed look at the interactions between the IMS and EPC.

The importance of Policy Control and Charging is studied with a description of the PCRF and functions it provides in respect of managing user connections.
VoLTE, SIP and the IMS will also be explained, outlining the concepts of VoLTE and the network requirements to support voice and voice based services.  VoLTE SIP signalling examples will be described, giving a global view of the end to end procedures for typical VoLTE events

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Attend this highly interactive 3-day course and you will be able to:

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Who Should Attend this Course?

Students on this LTE training course would benefit from an understanding of 2G and 2G mobile network architectures and protocols in helping them understand the further evolution to LTE/SAE-based architecture.

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